Christopher is the author of a number of books. Please click on the book images to be able to learn more about or order each book:


Offer Honor to God

Offer Honor to God - book image

Going to church is an important part of the expression of your faith for many Christians. However, one of the most common criticisms leveled against religion and people of faith is that this does not translate into living life differently as a consequence.

This book focuses on bringing worship and praise from something only engaged on Sunday into something that permeates through your life throughout the week. The book contains very practical suggestions that allow you to engage in actions that will bring you closer to God through things in your daily life.

The book is appropriate for individual reading and exploration, as well as for use by groups of individuals (in church or not).



Mental Illness Worship Resources

Mental Illness Worship Resource cover

Resource that is designed to incorporate concerns around mental illness during worship services. Using these resources, it is possible to make your service more welcoming to those who are dealing with mental illness as well as those who support them. There are ways to use this resource on a regular schedule or even just annually during Mental Illness Awareness.



Honest Talk About Serious Mental Illness

Honest Talk About Serious Mental Illness cover

This resource provides clear information about serious mental illness. The information conveyed through this resource is appropriate for adolescents as well as adults. The book acknowledges normal adolescent roller-coasters while also addressing what is “normal” and when there should be concerns. The resource explores the causes and effects of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. A companion video is also still available to be ordered through the publisher directly.



Christopher has also contributed to a number of other books.  These books include:



50 Things Women Hate About Men And What Men Can Do About It, by Clif Kay

50 Things Women Hate About Men And What Men Can Do About It cover

Quick and brief exploration of a variety of sources of conflict between men and women, along with practical suggestions to encourage men to understand the problem and do something to help.



Healing Liturgies for the Seasons of Life, Abigail Rian Evans

Healing Liturgies for the Seasons of Life cover

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