4 Reasons You Might Want To Date A Criminal

My Social Pick featured this article on 9/19/12.

See the feature at http://mysocialpick.com/60117/7/4_Reasons_You_Might_Want_To_Date_A_Criminal.html

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4 Reasons You Can Forgive Someone You Love

Published on YourTango on 9/13/12

Forgiveness is for you as well as the relationship – find sources in your spirituality to help do it

When you have become emotionally close to another person, you have become more vulnerable. This vulnerability opens the doors for that person to do things that really hurt, which often comes out when conflicts arise. At the same time, you can develop higher expectations about what the other person does and how they should act towards you. This also can lead to unfulfilled expectations which could result in resentment or even anger, even without the other person knowing that they have done something to hurt you.

recent study has shown that people with increased spirituality have improved mental health, in part because of the role of forgiveness.

Read more at http://www.yourtango.com/experts/the-rev-christopher-smith/4-reasons-you-can-forgive-someone-you-love-expert

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Today, the pre-sale of both the print and Kindle version of the book, “Offer Honor To God” began on www.OfferHonorToGod.com – this is always an exciting stage in the bringing of a book to others. Have a look at the book’s site and if you are interested, your pre-order of this book would be appreciated.

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July 16, 2013 · 1:53 pm

Giving Ultimatums to Teens – A Word of Caution

Article highlighted at YourTango on 7/15/13 based on prior article

In the heat of the moment an ultimatum seems the way to deal with a child’s rebellion – be careful

Parents often struggle with how to draw and enforce boundaries for their teenage child. For example, consider the following situation:

Read more at http://www.yourtango.com/experts/the-rev-christopher-smith/giving-ultimatums-teens-word-caution

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What to Do When Your Teen Child Hates You

Article highlighted on YourTango on 7/15/13 based on prior article

Your teenager child’s behavior is foreign to you and they state they hate you. What should you do?

Imagine the following situation:

Your son is a teenager and has been writing badly about you in a social media forum (such as Facebook) for quite a while. He has been using foul language and misrepresenting how you treat him.Anger is coming from your 13 year old that you are having a hard time understanding. You wonder why he hates you and feel very hurt by the words he is writing.

Read more at: http://www.yourtango.com/experts/the-rev-christopher-smith/what-do-when-your-teen-child-hates-you

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How to Help Your Boyfriend Through a Rough Time With His Grandmother Dying

Published at Global Post on 7/14/13

If your boyfriend’s grandmother is dying, he may be struggling to accept it. Having identified that your boyfriend is having a hard time is an important step. Each of us experience anticipatory grief in our own ways and knowing how a loved one is hurting can be as difficult as knowing what to do to help him. Help your boyfriend through this difficult time by focusing on a few simple themes in your interactions.

Read more at http://everydaylife.globalpost.com/boyfriend-through-rough-time-his-grandmother-dying-16460.html

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Who Should Go to a Priest’s Funeral?

Published in Opposing Views on 7/12/13

The funeral for a deceased priest is both a regular funeral of a Christian who has died and an event of significance within a community of faith. The priest’s former role in the community will encourage particular people to be in attendance at the funeral, while attendance remains open for anyone who desires to pay final respects.

Read more at http://people.opposingviews.com/should-priests-funeral-9296.html

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The Philosophy & Approach to Evangelism

Published at Opposing Views on 7/10/13

Across the Christian spectrum, churches approach evangelism from different perspectives. A church may have a philosophy behind its approach to evangelism rooted within the traditions of their faith. Alternatively, a church may have an approach rooted within more practical matters. Because of these extremes, evangelism can take on different forms.

Read more at http://people.opposingviews.com/philosophy-approach-evangelism-9264.html

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Sources of Christian Morality

Published on Opposing Views on 7/2/13

Focusing on any one Christian source to determine what is right or wrong often does not clearly resolve a particular moral dilemma. Instead, Christians can address different situations more effectively when they derive their morality from a variety of sources, such as the Bible, the Holy Spirit, church doctrine, and local authority.

Read more at http://people.opposingviews.com/sources-christian-morality-9158.html

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What Are the Core Differences in Religion of Catholics, Lutherans & Presbyterians?

Published on Opposing Views on 7/1/13

While there are numerous things in common between Catholics, Lutherans and Presbyterians, significant differences exist at their core. These differences are evident in how they organize themselves as well as in what they believe. Regardless of whether these are historic or more contemporary differences, the ways their cores are distinct affect modern-day practice.

Read more at http://people.opposingviews.com/core-differences-religion-catholics-lutherans-presbyterians-9142.html

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