Pre-Sale of the Book “Offer Honor To God”

Today, the pre-sale of both the print and Kindle version of the book, “Offer Honor To God” began on – this is always an exciting stage in the bringing of a book to others. Have a look at the book’s site and if you are interested, your pre-order of this book would be appreciated.

Who Should Go to a Priest’s Funeral?

Published in Opposing Views on 7/12/13 The funeral for a deceased priest is both a regular funeral of a Christian who has died and an event of significance within a community of faith. The priest’s former role in the community will encourage particular people to be in attendance at the funeral, while attendance remains open […]

The Philosophy & Approach to Evangelism

Published at Opposing Views on 7/10/13 Across the Christian spectrum, churches approach evangelism from different perspectives. A church may have a philosophy behind its approach to evangelism rooted within the traditions of their faith. Alternatively, a church may have an approach rooted within more practical matters. Because of these extremes, evangelism can take on different […]

Sources of Christian Morality

Published on Opposing Views on 7/2/13 Focusing on any one Christian source to determine what is right or wrong often does not clearly resolve a particular moral dilemma. Instead, Christians can address different situations more effectively when they derive their morality from a variety of sources, such as the Bible, the Holy Spirit, church doctrine, […]

What Are the Core Differences in Religion of Catholics, Lutherans & Presbyterians?

Published on Opposing Views on 7/1/13 While there are numerous things in common between Catholics, Lutherans and Presbyterians, significant differences exist at their core. These differences are evident in how they organize themselves as well as in what they believe. Regardless of whether these are historic or more contemporary differences, the ways their cores are […]

What Is the Meaning of the Funeral Recessional Hymn?

Published on Opposing Views on 6/11/13 Funerals serve both an emotional or pastoral as well as a theological purpose. The manifestations of these purposes vary somewhat from person to person as well as from denomination to denomination. However, within these variations, the final hymn of the funeral service that many refer to as the recessional […]

Learning Through The Twelve Days of Christmas

Published on YourTango on 12/24/12 Kids and the twelve days of Christmas – turn stress to learning what’s behind Christmas traditions. In society, Christmas begins earlier and earlier.  In fact, it often starts before Advent even begins.  In religious tradition, it actually starts on Christmas day and continues to be observed for twelve days until […]

4 Relationship Attributes to Develop: Lessons from Advent

Published at YourTango on 12/24/12 Advent traditionally involves 4 small words that can also enhance your relationship. Advent is the season Christians observe leading up to Christmas.  During this season, Christians traditionally focus on hope, peace, joy and love.  These very same themes can also be important things to focus on in our relationships in order to enhance our […]

Gimmel – 3 Ways to Take the Pot – Lessons From Hanukkah

Published on YourTango on 12/15/12 Hanukkah is an eight day Jewish celebration that can teach us much about improving our lives. Hanukkah (or Chanukah or one of many other spellings) is a Jewish festival that comes around the time of Christmas.  Many people know it for the progressive lighting of the candles on its nine branched […]

Light In Our Lives: 5 Lessons from Diwali

Published on YourTango on 11/13/12 The Diwali Festival of Lights shines into our lives with ideas for better living and relationships Diwali is an unusual religious celebration in that it is a festival for Sikhs, Hindus, Jains and some Buddhists.  Each of these religions has their own particular take on the festival.  This holiday is […]

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