Published on YourTango on 11/9/12

When a crisis occurs, stress goes up. Learn to identify this and fight the negative effect.

There are many types of crises that can enter our life.  These can benatural disastersproblems in our relationships, facing life changes,discovering significant health issues, or any of many other things.  Some crises are very intense and concentrated while others occur over a longer period of time.  The effects of some crises are relatively easy to address (such asrunning out of time every day) while others will require years to address (such as a major hurricane).  In any case, it is important to recognize the stress that is being caused by the crisis and to respond to that stress in a way that can help you to keep some sense of internal peaceas you face the crisis.  Here are seven ways that the crisis can be increasing your stress and what you might do for each of them:

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