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The Rev. Christopher L. Smith has a diversity of training, experience and expertise that he brings to his writing. From an early age, he demonstrated exceptional skill in mathematics and science, fields that he studied through the masters level. To these fields he added the social sciences (through education, leadership and mental health) and the humanities (through theological studies in religion and around spirituality).

Currently, Christopher is the President and Clinical Director of Seeking Shalom in New York City. In that capacity he works with individuals, couples and families as a licensed marriage and family therapist and as a licensed mental health counselor, incorporating spirituality into the therapeutic process. Similarly, he provides supervision to psychotherapists and consultation to religious leaders around how these two dimensions of people’s lives interact.

Christopher was theologically trained at Yale University and has experience in a variety of types of congregations. He also has had and continues to have training and experience in the broader faith community, especially both as a hospital and a military chaplain. He currently serves as a chaplain at Stamford Hospital in Stamford, Connecticut and on the staff of the North East Region of the United States Air Force Auxiliary.

Christopher is the author of books including Mental Illness Worship Resource,  Honest Talk About Serious Mental Illness and Offer Honor to God.  His writing is centered around mental health, spirituality, religious practice and education. This writing is featured on sites such as PBS This Emotional Life, You Tango, Good Therapy and Yahoo.

His educational experience and it breadth of areas described above has led some to refer to him as a modern Renaissance man. This diversity of background also applies to where he has lived. He was born in Germany, spent his formative years in the United Kingdom and has lived in three distinct regions of the United States. He has found a home in New York City, where he lives alone.

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