What Qualifies You to Be a Therapist?

Published on Global Post on 7/1/13 Therapists must qualify for one of the professions legally allowed to provide psychotherapy in their state. This generally includes psychologists and counselors, marriage and family therapists and social workers. Requirements vary from state to state, but generally include graduate education, supervised experience, examinations and credentialing. For professions like nurse […]

How to Know if Relationship Counseling Is Worth It

Published on Global Post on 6/28/13 Knowing whether relationship counseling is worth it is a highly personal decision and may vary depending on the stage of your relationship and what you are facing. There is a difference between investing in a relationship during pre-marital counseling and going to see a counselor when you have already […]

How to End a Positive Counseling Relationship

Published on Global Post on 6/28/13 Ending a counseling relationship, especially if it has been positive, can be a very difficult thing. Richard A. Friedman, professor of psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medical College, writes in an article in the “New York Times” that ending a therapeutic counseling relationship can be more difficult than cutting ties […]

How to Handle My Boyfriend’s Deployment

published at Global Post on 6/23/13 Deployment is tough on any family and relationship. The challenges are amplified for someone who is “just” a girlfriend as the military does not provide the same treatment of a girlfriend as they would a wife. While there will be challenges, you will be able to find ways that […]

How to Help a Teen Friend When She is Hurting Herself

Published at Choose Help 6/13 If you promised to keep a friend’s secret about self-harm – you need to break that promise. Read on to find out why… Teenagers often promise to keep each other’s secrets. At times, these secrets can be about serious things. You may not understand what is involved in the secret, […]

The Vocation of Fatherhood

Appeared in GoodTherapy.org 6/15/13 Around Mother’s Day, you will hear people speaking of the vocation of motherhood. People will speak of how important the work and calling of motherhood can be. Around Father’s Day, you will hear people speaking of… Well, Father’s Day is given a lot less emphasis in American society. While influence and […]

What to Do When Your Teen Child Hates You

Published on Choose Help on 6/13 Imagine the following situation: Your son is a teenager and has been writing badly about you in a social media forum (such as Facebook) for quite a while. He has been using foul language and misrepresenting how you treat him. Anger is coming from your 13 year old that […]

Giving Ultimatums to Teens – A Word of Caution

Published on Choose Help on 6/13 Parents often struggle with how to draw and enforce boundaries for their teenage child. For example, consider the following situation: Imagine your 16 year-old daughter wants to go to a party on a school night – something that you are totally opposed to. On the night of the party, […]

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