What Is the Meaning of the Funeral Recessional Hymn?

Published on Opposing Views on 6/11/13 Funerals serve both an emotional or pastoral as well as a theological purpose. The manifestations of these purposes vary somewhat from person to person as well as from denomination to denomination. However, within these variations, the final hymn of the funeral service that many refer to as the recessional […]

Sloppy Joe Served Over Donuts and Pizza – Good Tasting?

Published at Yahoo! Voices on 6/10/13 Sloppy joe is simply ground meat with sauce and spice added, possibly with onions and/or pepper. As a basic American food it may be surprising for it to be the center of a fair food controversy. What may even be more surprising is that similar ripples existed in the past. […]

A Couple’s Guide To Joint Finances

Published on YourTango on 6/10/13 Considering opening a joint account with your significant other? Here are six things to consider. Couples have to work out a way to take care of financial matters that they both are involved in and this can be as source of conflict within the relationship. These decisions are all about the money […]

My Dad Had a Heart Attack on Father’s Day

Published on YourTango on 6/7/13 For many people Father’s Day is a joyful time. Read how one Father’s Day changed my life forever. Father’s Day 2007 turned out to be much different than I had planned and nothing like I could ever have expected. The plan was that my father was coming out to visit me in […]

The Unforgettable Money Lesson I Learned from My Father

Published on YourTango on 6/7/13 On Father’s Day, I remember my father’s life and the lessons he taught me. As my father’s death is tied to Father’s Day and as I seek to honor him in the way I live, around Father’s Day I think about the lessons I learned from him and how they have been influential in guiding […]

5 Business Lessons from ABC’s “Shark Tank” on TV

Published on Yahoo! Voices on 6/5/13 Like many entrepreneurs, I played with my business for many years before deciding to get serious. Once I got serious, I discovered that running a business was much more complicated than it seemed while at the same time being easier than I might have expected. During the last year, I started […]

Adolescent and Young Adult ADHD and Substance Abuse – How to Intervene

Published on Choose Help on 5/13 Adolescents and young adults with ADHD can face many challenges when they first leave home, but once living independently, what can parents do if they suspect substance abuse or addiction? Individuals with Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), especially if not effectively treated, can experience a range of difficulties. Parents can […]

10 Alternate Mother’s Day Activities

Published on YourTango on 5/5/13 Send your mom flowers, buy her lunch – here are other ideas for Mother’s Day Mother’s Day can become very routine.  You call your mother.  You take her out to lunch.  You take this opportuntiy to express your love and gratitude to her.  However, Mother’s Day is an opportunity to look […]

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